The story

This pack was made with a simple plastic flute, a shirt, and some heavy breathing. You can play it buy hand, but it was intended primarily for automation: just use an arpeggiator, add a touch of randomness, and voilà! You have your own evolving jungle.

– 8 different birds w/ some hidden velocity layers
– 2 different winds w/ layers
– 2 wind + grass w/ layers
– 2 water loops *one river and one waterfall

– Reverb “Space” and “Humidity”
– “Life” knob that controls the PAN LFO (water excluded)
– Simple VOLUME mix of the different groups

The effects’ ranges are to my taste, but feel free to change them to what you like, or get in touch and I can make some adjustments for you!

*I might add more animals and sound fx in the future, so stay in touch if you’re interested!


The Stranger


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