Alto Sax Choir

A choir created from an alto sax...

The story

As a big fan of all PianoBook’s submissions, I wanted to create my own instrument and share it with you.
I asked my best friend to play some notes on his saxophone and a few days later (by analyzing some libraries of contributers 🙂 to understand how to proceed!), here is the result : Alto Sax Choir.

You can play with the modwheel (CC1), and you will see that from 0 to the half, it’s a quiet sound, a “mono” sound. And then, from the half to 127, the sound becomes bigger, louder, and stereo.
As ready presets, you can find 3 files in a Snapshots folder, you can drop them directly into Kontakt.
The “Long” preset is my favourite, it sounds like a kind of harmonium.

I hope you will enjoy,

Maybe you can add some effects to have more fun !



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  • Cutoff Filter

    The GUI resembles soft string spurs which i like. At first i thought this sounded pretty cheesy, I think brass is probably the next hardest thing to sample well apart from guitars. But i started messing around and turned the cutoff filter down and it gives a really cool, mellow organ like brass tone that i could see myself layering with other brass libraries.

    septemberwalk24 October 2021
  • Good Nondescript Alto Sax

    This is a good -- if somewhat nondescript -- alto saxophone. It's generally well-recorded, but there are a couple of notes whose attacks aren't quite like the rest, and the lowest sample has a funny overtone of some sort. So, the sound is a little uneven, but it's certainly a great first attempt at sampling, and a worthy Piano Book submission!

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • A pad-like sax-choir

    This instrument thrives when you treat it as an ambient pad. You do have enough options to create a more solo sound, such as turning the attack and release all the way down, but you will quickly realise it gets noisy and there is a clipping sample right in the start of each note, that you can only get rid of if you put the attack at 3o'clock, which is like at 80%... Not a fan of the drop-shadow effect. It's not a good way to deal with bright backgrounds and white text.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021