The story

This instrument is a sample of harmonics being played on my Alhambra nylon stringed acoustic guitar I bought in Barcelona during the Sónar music festival in 2006. I recorded 4x round robins, then spread them across the keyboard. As guitar harmonics are limited to the guitars range, I decided, with this sampling, to increase the detail and record another set of harmonics with a capo on the second fret. When spread I think it somehow has more in common with a Rhodes than a guitar, and the lowest notes are almost pure sine wave! No impulse page this time; decided to keep it dry without any fx.

Hope you enjoy.



Reviews for Alhambra Nylon Acoustic Harmonics

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  • Simple and effective

    With a different harmonic character than other guitar harmonic instruments, this is a very simple and well-sampled patch that offers a slightly different signature on the harmonic side of things. It has a nice, fuzzy attack and a very mellow and warm tone overall, and the four round robins, combined with a huge 6+ octaves of playable range, makes it even better for a harmonics instrument.

    While the GUI features nothing but a nice picture of a classical guitar, there is a hidden feature, which is the CC1/Modwheel setting bound to a vibrato!

    Alex Raptakis27 August 2022
  • A simple harmonic articulation, nylon guitar

    The name says it all. It's just a pretty decent patch for guitar harmonics and if you are looking for these in your composition then this will be very useful. It has 4 round robins and it plays nicely. Unfortunately, there's not much of a GUI going on and it only has one dynamic layer. However it is sampled well and sounds pretty realistic, so it is a useful library for sure!

    BenBerkenbosch27 September 2022