The story

I was doing the laundry and noticed that my new clothes airer made a low fat sound when “plucking” the bars.
Immediately thought that it would be a good synth and recorded it with my iPhone (sorry folks, no fancy mics).

There’s a clean hit (root note on Ab2) that goes from bottom to B3. Octave 3 is a mix of a that clean hit + a distorted hit. From C4 to top there’s only the distorted hit (root note on Ab5).

Bonus flam hits on D6 an E6!

Low drone from bottom to C3 and one shot notes from C3 to top.

On both patches, there’s a big reverb you can bypass and a LPF on your Mod Wheel (try it!).

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  • Awesome cinematic sounds!

    With a little bit of work, this could be an absolutely perfect one! This instrument features 2 patches, Hits and Pads. Both are fantastic and they work amazingly well with the included Low Pass Filter, that is attached to the ModWheel. I loved each sound, and at some point it I got some Hans Zimmer feels. The included reverb fits the sound very well, but you can only turn it on and off. Also the sounds are very loud, so I wish they were a little more dynamic.

    Alex Raptakis26 October 2021
  • Really unique but wont work for me

    These sounds are really creatively made and unique. They have a kind of distorted sound thats really cool any synthy. Personally im not into these more digital, angular sounding sounds but i know alot of people are so im sure they will really enjoy this. Im more typically into gentle and calm sounds. The hits are probably my favorite here. They really provide some nice punch and weight and can be used in a lot of creative ways, especially with third party processing. Overall this is a really useful library but for whatever reason it just doesn't inspire me that much

    septemberwalk11 November 2021
  • Sounds from a unique source

    These two sounds are unique in their source, but they have some little issues. There's two registers of notes in each of these patches, which took me a while to figure out. It almost would have been better if there were just four separate instruments, but that's just a nitpicky detail. I appreciate that you can easily deactivate the reverb which kind of drenches these sounds. The "hits" sound is cinematic and useful, but it sounds like the samples weren't edited well, and there's a click at the start of each sound in the lower register. The "pads" sound isn't really like a pad IMHO. It's more like a synth, really. It's all really really bassy, and kind of wants to be high pass filtered. A LPF is provided on the GUI. I would love to see HPF there as well.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021