Airer Synth

A synth made from plucking the bars of a clothes airer....

The story

I was doing the laundry and noticed that my new clothes airer made a low fat sound when “plucking” the bars.
Immediately thought that it would be a good synth and recorded it with my iPhone (sorry folks, no fancy mics).

There’s a clean hit (root note on Ab2) that goes from bottom to B3. Octave 3 is a mix of a that clean hit + a distorted hit. From C4 to top there’s only the distorted hit (root note on Ab5).

Bonus flam hits on D6 an E6!

Low drone from bottom to C3 and one shot notes from C3 to top.

On both patches, there’s a big reverb you can bypass and a LPF on your Mod Wheel (try it!).

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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