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I sampled my beloved Froggy Bottom Acoustic guitar, plucking each string with my fingernail for a short, percussive, tone-filled sound. Six velocity layers and four round robins help it sound authentic and expressive. Recorded with a Coles 4038, Neumann KM84 and Custom U47. I’ve owned my Froggy Bottom M Model guitar for almost 20 years. I purchased it with a hail damage check from my insurance company, which meant for the next 5 years I drove around in a car dimpled like a golf ball!

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  • Great little library. I love the character of the plucks.

    It's a great little library. The plucks sound really good with a lot of character. This is a gem. Just load and play.

    PavlovsCat13 April 2022
  • Very Realistic Guitar Plucks

    A nicely sampled library of short and snappy Acoustic Guitar plucks. At first I thought the sample releases were a bit short, but that is really the point here. It sounds great with a bit of splosh. The unbelievable six velocity layers and four round robins really allow for expressive playing and make this guitar come to life. I especially like the percussiveness of the lower notes. It sounds really cool with some delay. Overall a fantastic Guitar library!

    AndromedaX827 September 2022
  • Super fun and useful guitar!

    What a great library this is, and is typical of the excellent sounds we've come to expect from Jon! This library is well recorded, offers six! velocity layers and four round robins. All of this keeps the library sounding very real as it's nigh on impossible that you'll hear the same sample twice in a row. There are a few little string buzzes and imperfections, but these only add to the realism of the sound and aren't so bad that you'd feel a need to avoid those notes. I found there were a couple of ranges where the instrument is naturally rather resonant, and so I wanted to reduce the volume of those zones for enhanced playability, but overall, this library is really excellent, and probably the best of its kind on PB! What a gift to our community!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 November 2021
  • Useful even for guitarists

    This is really great for playing short, fast ostinato type patterns. As Jon said in his video, as a guitar player i dont often like guitar sample libraries. I love guitar texture libraries but not ones trying to emulate actually playing melodies on guitar. This one is pretty realistic and useful though. I think it would sound great layering in with real guitar or even on its own. starting at F3 there is a pretty huge jump in timbre and brightness that i don't particularly like but this is almost towards the end of the range anyway so i have no problem sticking to the lower more muted, mellow notes. I think for your paid version of this you could do even more round robins if you plan to upgrade it. Great job as usual from Jon

    septemberwalk02 November 2021
  • Usable guitar stabs

    This library is a very minimal acoustic guitar plucks with very fast decay -- I actually wish there was more sustain but for what it does it sounds nice.

    lukevaljean29 September 2022
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