The story

I woke up one misty winters morning with an idea… What if I tried to make something beautiful out of noise?
As I explored this idea some samples began to take shape. Acoustic instruments processed with noise and randomness, a nice sweet spot between the natural and the artificial.
This is the first of those efforts, my acoustic guitar, blurred and smeared all over the sound space until it was no longer recognisable as anything close to a guitar.

Reviews for Acoustic Blur (Noises)

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  • Modded guitar goodness

    This is a good acoustic guitar through some effects kind of sound. Very nice sound and I like the style of it. I think the notes are a little flat, I needed to detune sounds down about 20-30 cents to mix with this library. And it is a little basic, you press the buttons and you get really pretty nicely stylized sound.

    ryan weeksSamplist 23 May 2022
  • A beautiful shimmery sound

    With a soft, ethereal and very shimmery sound, this simple patch is able to give you instant feels. It's based on acoustic guitar samples with tons of depth effects, and it contains 4 round robin samples playable in 3 full octaves.

    Along with the depth effects, there is a white-noise kind of sound, which if you manage to sustain a note long enough, the noise gradually increases to the point of a sudden stop, like a riser effect. I found though that the samples do not have the same duration, so if you hold a big chord, it is likely that you won't get one big rise. In my opinion it would be much better if there was a patch with a regular faded tail.

    Even though you won't find any additional settings in the GUI, it is made in a way so you can adjust a few within the Kontakt instrument settings, such as the ADSR or a simple filter.

    Alex Raptakis16 May 2022
  • I like noises

    ...and this is a very creative and interesting noise. Definitely usable in projects with a bit of a twist to them.