AB Natural Kalimba

A Kalimba with adjustable mics and reverbs...

The story

This simple Kalimba has been sitting around our home for a while and I kept thinking of sampling it. After my wife got really sick at the end of 2020 it has become a way for her to relax finally giving me the emotional push I needed to sample it.
This being my first time sampling an instrument I did my best to do it in the most detailed way possible. I sampled each note (going in thirds) with three dynamic layers and five round robins at 24bit 96kHz. The sound was captured with a Rode NT2-A as top mic and a Rode NT-5 as bottom mic.
Along with controls for each mic level, the Kontakt instruments has two knobs to control a Room and a Hall reverb (both convolution reverbs from Kontakt itself). The Hall can give it a nice “American Beauty” style sound, while the Room helps giving the Kalimba a space to live in since it was recorded completely dry.

I really hope you enjoy.


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  • Great little Kalimba

    This is a well recorded kalimba. For whatever reason, the higher notes seem to have less resonance than you might expect. I wasn't able to access the custom UI when I loaded this patch. The patch had lost track of some of the files. Perhaps that's a great reminder to all of us samplists of the importance of having our friend beta test our instruments before we share them here. It's so easy for something that works great on our machine to have problems elsewhere.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Beautiful in every way!

    This little baby was the first Pianobook Kalimba I tried and I was blown away by pretty much everything. From the sampling quality to the GUI and the settings, this allows for no complains. You kind of need to be careful of not pushing many mics too high at the same time because it can get really loud at high velocities, but remember that for achieving maximum feels, a marimba should be played with elegance, so be gentle! I have to add though that there were some problems setting it up, but after I solved it I saved it as a new patch and everything seems great now. Cheers!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021