Aanaa – The Unfinished Choir

Basic choirs, some drones and experimental patches created by The Unfinished by accident...

The story

Aanaa The Unfinished Choir is an accident. I made it by mistake.

Inspired by the Winter Voices project here on Pianobook one morning and seemingly having nothing better to do, I recorded myself singing (terribly, I might add) some random notes for fun. About two hours later I’d made Aanaa.

Normally I’m a synth programmer, not a sampler (I’ve worked on things like The Crown and the new Bond film, No Time To Die), so please excuse the faltering, old skool-ness of the process and the sound.

The voice samples were recorded into my Aston Spirit mic, through my UAD 6176 channel strip, and captured in Cubase – where I then proceeded to make them vaguely palatable to the ear using a variety of effects plugs from the likes of Eventide, Soundtoys and Valhalla.

There’s some basic choirs, some drones and some more experimental patches.

Hope you enjoy them!


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  • Another Native hostage

    Fooled again by Native instruments. I have Kontakt 6 but this choir only plays in demo mode so not much use. So many times I find instruments and samples are held hostage to Kontakt which will only be released if I pay Native instruments many hundreds of pounds. Apart from not being able to afford NI prices I find their player interface is horrible and old fashioned with the teeniest lettering I need a microscope to read. Just horrible. If the full Kontakt player is required then it would be good to have that in the description to save people wasting their time downloading stuff and getting all excited about something they ultimately find they cannot use.

    Brian16 October 2021
  • Like the drones for layering in suspenseful tracks

    I've never quite managed to make the choirs work for me I find some of it harsh but do use a few of the drones e.g. Black Machine for suspenseful pieces. They are useful to layer with other drones to give some swell, but not too much swell.

    Just Bob16 October 2021
  • When a noise becomes creative

    I really like the instrument and most patches other than the drones feel super good! But damn it it feels weird to use those drone patches without ADSR settings, or at least a modwheel setting with either volume or a filter. I feel that the attack is way too fast and the release way too long. I'd love to have the ability to control those so I can shape the envelope the way I want. Nevertheless, all patches are very nice and usable, no doubt about that. My favourite has got to be the Noisy Whistle and the Old Radio ones.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • Great variety of drones and vocal pads!

    This is a great collection of slowly evolving and developing choral based pads and drones. "Systems Choir" in particular is very useful and is pre EQ'd to sit beautifully in mixes. It's clear lots and lots of care, time, and effort went into the creation of this library!

    Sam Ecoff15 October 2021
  • Fabulous haunting sound

    The sound itself is awesome, feels like a 1-button horror score. Also some scandi-noir vibes to it definitely.

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021
  • Love this awesome noisy choirs

    The Anaa project it's pretty interesting but only for the choir part unfortunately. I didn't like too much the drone/pads in this library only because they are very noisy and sometimes most of them are not so usefull. But I love the character of those epic choirs , especially the Old Radio Choir , good work!

    ARKAN13 October 2021
  • Characterful and Otherworldly

    Some beautifully evocative vocal soundscapes.

    Alex12 October 2021