Aanaa – The Unfinished Choir

Basic choirs, some drones and experimental patches created by The Unfinished by accident

The story

Aanaa The Unfinished Choir is an accident. I made it by mistake.

Inspired by the Winter Voices project here on Pianobook one morning and seemingly having nothing better to do, I recorded myself singing (terribly, I might add) some random notes for fun. About two hours later I’d made Aanaa.

Normally I’m a synth programmer, not a sampler (I’ve worked on things like The Crown and the new Bond film, No Time To Die), so please excuse the faltering, old skool-ness of the process and the sound.

The voice samples were recorded into my Aston Spirit mic, through my UAD 6176 channel strip, and captured in Cubase – where I then proceeded to make them vaguely palatable to the ear using a variety of effects plugs from the likes of Eventide, Soundtoys and Valhalla.

There’s some basic choirs, some drones and some more experimental patches.

Hope you enjoy them!

Reviews for Aanaa – The Unfinished Choir

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  • Excellent and characterful suspense building atmospheres.

    You can tell that instantly that these are programmed by someone who actually does this sort of thing for a living. After all, sampling done like this is only synthesis with a "custom oscillator". Everyone is great and they all have a fantastic three dimensional character to them, There's plenty of "air" in them too, which I really like, especially as they are all bases around a "choir" construct. I simply don't get that they're noisy or hissy at all. If they have too much "air" for your preference or use case simply apply some EQ or an LPF. Overall a great selection, any on which could drop straight into a score or other composition.

    Mark Lord11 November 2021
  • Fabulous haunting sound

    The sound itself is awesome, feels like a 1-button horror score. Also some scandi-noir vibes to it definitely.

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021
  • How a noise can become creative

    I really like the instrument and most patches other than the drones feel super good! I feel that the attack is way too fast for my taste, and the release way too long, so that's something that you might need to consider when programming. I'd love to have the ability to control those so I can shape the envelope the way I want for more possibilities. Nevertheless, all patches are very nice, no doubt about that. My favourite has got to be the Noisy Whistle and the Old Radio ones.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Unfinished?

    I guess maybe unfinished refers to the large amount of noise in alot of these, for the most part i really like this though as it kind of adds some warm fizz. You could always cut some highs if you want. I understand not everyone is into noisy stuff but i like it, especially in pads. These sounds are really ethereal and dreamy, you get a good amount of patches here, some where you can clearly hear vocals and others that feel more like whispers. All have very ambient and cool effects one them, the warped octaves is really cool. The names of the patches are very intriguing as well. The attack and release times should be tweaked to the composers needs because out of the box you might not like where they are set. I hope this is possible to do under the hood because i didn't test it. There are choir instruments on pianobook i prefer to this one but i still think this one sounds really great.

    septemberwalk08 November 2021
  • Characterful and Otherworldly

    Some beautifully evocative vocal soundscapes.

    Alex12 October 2021
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