The story

I apologize for the pending boredom, but the story really is that simple : the machine was humming next to me, then it beeped, and I thought “Why not?”

So I spent a few minutes with my recorder capturing what I could, and with the help of just a few layers and some EQ, it turns out to be quite interesting.

I had captured a lot more of what you will find here, but unfortunately the sounds were much too dirty to be usable. Cheap plastic does not a good instrument make… sometimes.

– A little more than 4 octaves of pad… or drone… or…
– A little more than 7 octaves of “beeps”

– Delay
– Chorus
– Reverb

Note: the Mod Wheel is mapped to the general volume of the instrument.


The Stranger


Reviews for A/C

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  • Daaaaamn

    Ah it's really well made I must say! It's so clean for something that's supposed to be noisy, great job! Maybe the beeps are a little too much, but I don't mind it, I just don't have to use them :>

    FUNNYMAN205 July 2023