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I have a 1995 Japanese ’62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster. It’s got a pretty chunky neck and has always sounded great. Most of the time I would record it in the traditional way, but after sampling it I realised that the software instrument makes some parts sound better, cleaner and in some cases… possible, when playing sustained chords or intervals that my hands can’t reach on the guitar itself. It doesn’t replace the need for an actual guitar, but I have found it quite handy. It’s recorded in three velocity layers, sampling every 3 notes. It’s played into a 50th Anniversary Marshall JVM1 1 watt head on the edge of breakup, and a homemade pine 1×12 cabinet with a Celestion Greenback G12M.

Also included is a Logic channel strip that adds a bit of compression, reverb and delay.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

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  • Outstanding Guitar

    One of the things that has become clearer and clearer as I'm listening to more and more PB sample packs is the fact that having a good instrument and then playing it expertly makes an enormous difference in the end result of sampling. I'm not a guitarist, so I don't know what the creator of this library did, but I know how a really well played guitar is supposed to sound, and this library perfectly captures that sound. I also really love how when you dig in and hit that harder velocity layer, there's a little hair and drive. This is just an awesome guitar sound. One of the many hidden gems on the PB site!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • Absolutely fantastic

    This is an allround fantastic sample library, and absolutely worth a download if you're looking for a good, clean guitar sound. As was said in the description, it doesn't replace an actual guitar, but it comes close. There's honestly not much I can say about this one. It does what it's supposed to do, and it does it well!

    Hidde PietersSamplist 12 October 2021
  • Sublime sampling and awesome sound!

    This is simply awesome from every aspect. From the sampling to the characte offered by this classic is very much worth your attention without a doubt. It plays really well and it is also quite versatile. Just go for it!

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021
  • Just the guitar I was looking for.

    What can I say, this is just what I was looking for. I've looked at a few electric guitar libraries and none has had the just the tone, length of note and amount of drive I had in mind. But this one does the job, especially the high velocity layer. Thank you. Coupled with a nice bass this is just the sound I need for those days when I feel like playing 'guitar' rather than keyboard.

    Mike26 May 2022
  • Fantastic guitar

    Better than a lot of the Guitar VST's I have purchased. Really good as is but added Guitar rig 6 (just cabinet, delays, reverbs and wow!

    Carl12 September 2023
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