The story

This sample based instrument is a result of experimenting with my Taylor 12 string acoustic guitar.
As im already a guitarist i’m always able to play n record acoustic or electric guitars in a normal way soo i didnt want to create just another ordinary guitar based instrument… in my opinion there r already plenty of amazingly guitar sample based instruments existing … my aim as a composer was to create a more ambient type instrument that u can use in film scoring or in ambient drone type music as a texture.

This instrument includes 6 layers on top of each other; first 2 layers are; finger style n tremolo sounds, third layer is an e-bow sound. Last 3 layers are bowed sounds. (i used a real violin bow on low n high strings) Each section has its independent volume level so u can mix up any of them according to ur own taste or u can simply use them as a single layer. This instrument shares one enveloper for all layers and 3 effects; reverb, delay and chorus with their parameters included…

***There was a bug with the chorus, moddepth n modrate knobs now its fixed n i uploaded a fixed version…


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  • Amazing!

    I was really surprised at the quality of the sound, which really resembles that of a 12-string and not the classic cold, digital emulation of so many other similar products.
    For being free, it competes great and even sounds better than other 12-string emulations, which are not free at all.
    My best compliments on what you have accomplished.

    Lov3Them09 April 2023
  • Lovely thing. Gave me inspiration for a new song.

    I was trying this out, came up with a simple but pretty two-chord melody, and the next thing I knew I'd added bells, some textures, some Tibetan monks chanting bass, BBC symphony orchestra's cello section, some moroccan drums, some Persian vocalising and had written some lyrics for a song called "Spirals". Thanks Lucy!

    brucel27 August 2023
  • Sounds good, but some glitches

    I couldn't get this to go at first, but once I found the file for the dspreset and linked it in it worked OK. The sound is good, and it sounds better than some of the "fake" 12 string guitars. Driven by Midi in a DAW or from notation software the timing seems just a bit uncertain. This could be due to the Decent Sampler software - but this library seems currently to only be available in Decent Sampler format. Soundpaint has been recommended, so maybe this could be reissued in a compatible format for Soundpaint.

    dave200210 March 2024