TP Project

TP Project


Hi everyone,
These instruments were created to score a “Twin Peaks inspired” theatrical drama that never was.
The guitar sound it’s made with my Fender Telecaster, Boss Tremolo and Bias FX amp.
The DX7 style instruments are custom-made patches from a Yamaha TX81z through an SPX90.
The MKS20 inspired brass and the strings are made with the PG8X MLVST through the SPX90 as well.
A lot of effort went to recreate as close as possible the original sounds of Twin Peaks’ main theme, carefully selecting instruments and effects and programming the synths.
I hope you like it.


The package contains 8 different instruments:
TP Guitar (divided into two sections: between B0 and C3 the guitar is multi-sampled. From A3 to C6 it’s one sample stretched – more faithful to the original sampling method used by Badalamenti)

TP DX7 Bass
TP DX7 Epiano
TP MKS20 Brass
TP MKS20 Sub
TP Strings 1
TP Strings 2
TP Strings MW (the mod-wheel at 0 allows playing only the strings 1 sound. Increasing the mod wheel value will introduce and add the strings 2)

– Made with Kontakt 6.5.2 (R113) –

You can listen to a demo of the Twin Peaks main theme in this video:


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Not *just* a virtual 'Twin Peaks' tribute act

4.0 rating
July 4, 2021

For various reasons I haven’t written a pianobook review in a while but I feel so strongly about this family of instruments I had to break my silence. When I downloaded Julian’s ‘TP Project’ I was a little worried it might lock me into ‘Badalamenti Land’ and prevent me from original expression. This wasn’t even remotely the case. The guitar in its own right is so good that I’ve used it separately on another project, where it lent a quite different vibe to my demo. The strings sounds are especially lush and personally I found some registers of the brass ‘section’ sounded more like woodwinds – in any good way. Excellent work, Julian. I predict ‘TP Project’ will become one of pianobook’s most used instruments.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


5.0 rating
July 3, 2021

TRULY AMAZING… It’s like having Angelo Badalamenti, at your fingertips!

Greg Middaugh

Great set of instruments

5.0 rating
June 27, 2021

Lots of interesting possibilities here. Feels like ’80s drone synths to generally “haunting” sounds for today if put through some FX. I want to go back and do something just with the TP Project but the demo I did was with Rigid’s Aquiver + TP Project which doesn’t really showcase what can be done with the TP Project instruments.

John McVicker

100% accurate, truly fulfills its purpose

5.0 rating
June 23, 2021

This is not one instrument but a small collection of instruments which all fully accomplish their task: to reproduce the signature sounds of the Twin Peaks score. Absolutely recommended!

Peter Lepahin

Amazing Work

5.0 rating
June 19, 2021

Hats off, sir. A wonderful job, full of poetry.



8 different used for a “Twin Peaks inspired” project.

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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