TCIPk – Tiago Cunha’s Intimate Percussion kit

TCIPk – Tiago Cunha’s Intimate Percussion kit


“Percussive violin remnants”: that’s what this kit contains.
I struggled to find just the right sounds to percussively accompany softer, you may say “more intimate” music. Drums and “big percussion” are easy to find, but what about its counterpart?… I ended up reaching for an old, broken violin, I had in the very back of my room. It has no bridge, and is completely unplayable, with only the E string remaining, holding some tension. And I found the sound of this violin’s body to be the percussion instrument I was just missing. I collected soft percussive wooden sounds and “sFx” from various parts of this violin (and also from the side of my piano) and put them into a keyboard-wide single SFZ instrument. Looking at it now, it’s a simple collection of sounds, in the spirit of “musique concrète”.


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Soft percussive wooden sounds created from a violin

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