After contributing to this amazing collaborative project with my “Cinematic Wine Glasses”, now’s the turn to my 2nd contribution.

I recorded some harmonics and tremolos with my Taylor acoustic guitar, direct to line and… IT’S AMAZING! It has LOTS of flexibility.

As in my first sample, I added a LPF and a big Reverb that you can turn off, so you can make it sound whether raw or very ambiental.

Also try adding your preferred distortion!



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An all time great

5.0 rating
April 9, 2021

The only time I’ve heard this exact kind of sound used is in the Red Ded Redemption soundtrack, though I wouldn’t be surprised to find at least a close approximation in any Santaolalla work. It’s a beautiful, rustic sound and it’s absolutely nailed here by (the author), finely played, masterfully recorded and mixed to save that special character. It’s so good, I sometimes just load an instance and play around, but I absolutely look forward to using this on the right occasion, because it’s one of those sounds and libraries that you immediately recognise because it is so distinctive. That said, this is one of those samples that I can easily hear getting used time and time again because that’s what happens with the truly great samples. Thank you Adri, for sharing with the community a true all-time great.


It is Very Good

4.0 rating
September 22, 2020

It is nice but I don’t know in my downloaded version the reverb switch just didn’t work, but the sounds are fab.

Shamanthaka Aithal


5.0 rating
July 31, 2020

Beautiful instrument.

Joshua Nirmal


5.0 rating
April 29, 2020

The demo song sounds great. Thanks

Hootan Farzadpour


Harmonics and tremolos recorded on a Taylor acoustic guitar.

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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