Monington and Weston (M&W)

Monington and Weston (M&W)


My name is Bob Ellis and I am a retired RAF/Commercial pilot and Oil Refinery Process Operator who produces music as a near full time hobby!

My wife plays piano and I struggle along but use it for composing synth/sampled based songs. It currently resides in our bar which doubles up as Studio9 recording studio for my music project Season3. It is also currently played by our 5 year old grandaughter and hope it remains in the family for many years to come.

I spotted Pianobook on YouTube and Christian inspired me to sample the piano which I now plan to use in future compositions.

PS. To help others I created a Cubase 10 Pro template and with its Cycle Markers made it very easy to export after the mic recordings were mixed and denoised. I have also produced a guide for the process.


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A sampled Monington and Weston upright.

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