Monington and Weston (M&W) Toolkit and Pad

Monington and Weston (M&W) Toolkit and Pad


When I sampled my M&W Piano ( I didn’t really get Christian’s message which I now call “Sample and Mangle” so here is my attempt to mangle and I find they complement the M&W Piano well (when the volume is set at the right level for the pads). Also please could you add a YouTube link ( to my Monington and Weston page as Christian reviewed it at minute 14 🙂

The folder contains two Kontact Instruments:

1. Toolkit. Using the drop down menu which contains:

* Decay Pad with Reverb
* Slow Build Pad is “Decay Pad” reversed
* Swell Pads 1/2/3 are “Decay Pad” and “Slow Build Pad” layered together but with different effects and in particular Pad 3 is detuned
* M&W GM Drum Kit is made up entirely form the Original M&W Piano samples and mapped to General MIDI
*Seq for arpegiator use
* Bass Seq for Bass use though I think this a weak sample

2. Pad. This uses the Swell Pad 2 and Swell Pad 3 with the Mod Wheel mixing between the two

Sorry I didnt label the samples correctly but the “C” should read “C3” and the images are for the GUIs.


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Mangled sounds from a M&W piano transformed into a pad.

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