Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Electro-Acoustic Guitar


As this is my first real attempt at sampling and making a Kontakt instrument, it is pretty basic. I sampled only the six open strings as follows:

Bottom E
Top E

From the Top E onwards, i just dragged the region up so it does start to sound a bit Mickey Mouse like lol.

I have been watching vids on how to add things like reverb echo and chorus knobs in the UI so i will work on this and try to make it better and i will also sample the Top E and go up in 5ths to make the higher notes sound better and also i will look into velocity and things like that.

It’s not really too bad for a first attempt but it will improve as I learn more.

I did the first takes using a mic but there was way too much hum and noise so i plugged the guitar into my interface as it is an electro-acoustic and recorded each note using a pick (not finger) but i will do more recordings of finger and i may do chord strums too but i have to learn how to add all that into the UI.


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5.0 rating
June 11, 2021

This is way better then paid guitar vst’s. I can’t stop playing it. My wife thinks I’ve learnt to play the Guitar. Thank you for this.

len casement

Very impressive, especially for a first try.

5.0 rating
October 3, 2020

It takes talent and creativity to do what you did. Using an acoustic guitar to create new sounds is both mind expanding and I’m guessing a lot of fun.


True character and enough brightness to cut through any mix

5.0 rating
September 28, 2020

Don’t be put off by any apparent limitations the description of the sampling process for this instrument might suggest. The fact only the open strings were sampled turns out to give the sound of this Hummingbird the kind of iridescence displayed by the feathers of the bird of the same name. I doubled up the notes and, depending on their register, either raised or lowered them an octave to create a kind of 12-string sound that not only cut straight to the top of my mix but also lent the sound that ‘mystery instrument’ quality composers are always seeking – you can’t quite identify the source instrument; is it a guitar, a mandolin or something more exotic? Keith has created a true original.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


Single notes of an electro-acoustic guitar recorded via DI.

5.0 rating
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