Cinematic Wine Glasses

Cinematic Wine Glasses


This is my first sampled “instrument”. About 2 years ago, I wanted to give a try sampling something into Kontakt and just thought that sampling a wine glass would be something unique to have in my sound palette!
Although it was sampled on December 2017 in Barcelona (now I live in London), I still haven’t had the chance to use it in any of my scores and wanted to share it with you all.

I recorded the ringing sound of a wine glass produced by rubbing the brim. Used water (instead of wine, it was cheaper) to produce the notes from a D3 to G4, then pitch shifted the lower and top notes to get a range from C3 to C5.
Then, added a LPF knob controlled with the Mod Wheel and some Reverb, which you can turn off by pressing a UI button, if you want to add your own 🙂

The gear used was a SE2200T direct to an Apogee Duet.
Oh, and the same wine glass I was using to drink Pinot Noir the night before!


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Wine glass harmonics recorded with a SE2200T direct to an Apogee Duet.

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