September, Aberdeen, 2020, well… seeing as it is 2020 expect anything. Every week on our YouTube channel we perform a “pianodrop” to coincide with releasing the next batch of instruments. A quick highlights video showing off new sounds and some of our old-favourites. The thing is we needed a cool ident for it so… why not actually drop a piano.

Now we didn’t want to destroy a perfectly good piano, so we found a totally imperfect un-good piano for this purpose. Headed for the tip, a totally ruined John Redwood upright we nicknamed “The Gimp” was subjected to a ruthless (literally, we got some very nasty tools out) sampling session up in Edinburgh before making its final journey up to a remote farm in Aberdeenshire where it was hoisted atop a 60 foot crane.

Check out the video above to see all the gory action or download two useful sample sets made using our new in-development “monolith” system detailed here:

…don’t forget to try out the samples we made for free, both the full Gimp in all its honest glory or indeed a softer, not felted version but indeed “Flanelled”.

Christian Henson 2020