New Year’s Honours List (Pianobook Edition)

Christian highlights some of the key contributors to Pianobook from last year. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

Congratulations to all the honours list:


Christian unveils some exciting news for another potential outlet for Pianobook and share his Tape Delay Experiment.


Start the new decade off with new music from the Pianobook demos Janurary playlist.


If you would like to create a demo then check out the Demos page on how to submit.

New Submissions

To start off 2020 with a bang, check out the new submissions from January in the Pianobook library.


Zombie Death Planet

DX7 Clockwork Swarm

Wilh. Steinmann Upright

Arctic Guitar


Cinematic Wine Glasses

Tape Delay Experiment


Bedroom Drum Kit

Guitar Shimmers

The Drum Mobile

Melodica Soprano

Monington and Weston (M&W) Toolkit and Pad

The Didgeridrone

Thrumming Textures: Pads


Soft Drums

Musical Stones

Ultrasound Pad

Orchestral Guitar Swarm

Hunsicker Helpenstill

Glistening Rhapsody

JM Felt Piano

Soft String Spurs

Interested in submitting something to the library? Check out the How To Sample guide and, when you’re ready, Submit Your Samples to the Pianobook Library!