VaporGabe’s Reviews

  • A Beutifully Serene sound

    The natural ebb and flow of the sample make any chord you play sound so calm and lush, truly a must-have sound.

    Harmonic Flights12 October 2021
  • A wonderfully unique synth

    Works and sounds beautiful. This synth has an incredible "Sine" wave which has a slight bite to it, this may just be because of the inbuilt phaser, but it really does have a unique tone. The only thing that could add to this is a filter envelope

    EMS VCS412 October 2021
  • If you're looking for those distorted ambient dictaphone loop sounds you've come to the right place

    Each of the 4 sounds has that exact tape bite I look for in samples like these and each one is really unique. The main issue with it is that noise can pile up, especially on lower notes. The flute is the most standard-sounding one, very similar to the dictaphone loop synth, but more consistent in volume. The horn is very similar in tone to the flute, but with a bit more bite. The jazz organ is where the sounds really get interesting having a very FM-y and almost glassy tone to it I haven't heard in any other dictaphone loop style samples. Then the final sound, Vocal Sample, is my favorite. Because of the nature of the vocal sampler on this keyboard and the sample used, the keys rotate in and out of phase with each other in an incredible way creating an incredible swarm effect. On this sound, I think the noise level actually ends up helping it instead of hurting it because mixed in with the quieter parts of the sample it almost sounds like a ghostly set of strings.

    Relic Keyboard12 October 2021
  • Some interesting tones, but a bit limited

    The clean tone sounds similar to a celeste and reminds me of something I'd hear on n64 era Zelda soundtracks. Very clean and soothing, but a bit basic. The drive tone sounds like a pitched-up 808. It changes in tone at F2 and D1, although D1 is much more sudden and drastic.

    Tos-keys12 October 2021