Trev’s Reviews

  • High quality and full of character

    This is my favorite acoustic guitar VST that I've found. I primarily use the fingerpicked patch and it works incredibly well. To me, this library landed in the sweet spot of capturing as much of the worn and vintage timbre as possible without adding in so many of the imperfections that the sound becomes hard to utilize in a typical setting. There will always be limitations stopping virtual instruments from behaving exactly like their real-life counterparts, but this feels as close as one could get. With careful playing and adjusting of the GUI settings, I can emulate a handful of playstyles that feel accurate and authentic, fitting well with the colorful tone of instrument.

    The other patches focus on harmonics and effects, and while I don't view these as "staple" sounds, they're just as nuanced and high quality, adding a lot of extra utility to the sample pack and contributing to the overall inspiration that it provided me. Thanks so much to Venus Theory for taking the time to make such a special, satisfying library.

    Stella28 March 2022