TAKAINA’s Reviews

  • It's really good and playable

    Characters are clean, nice sound and easy to use.
    And the UI design looks pretty good as well.
    Thank you for making this instrument!

    Zither14 May 2022
  • This is the best free piano so far

    I rarely spend my time typing on reviews, but not this time.
    This piano library is super amazing!
    There's no any other free product can beat this piano with its sound clarity I guess.

    It'll be convenient if added an EQ and a reverb nob on the interface.
    And I'm agree with the default volume is too loud to scare anyone.
    I think people could play it smoothly after their keyboard velocity curve adjusted a little bit.

    Just be careful to turn the volume down to make sure it won't accidently blow your monitors/ headphones or ears.

    Thank you for sharing this hidden gem!