synkrotron’s Reviews

  • Start of a journey...

    Sample pack was quite good, actually... I mean, it's a simple enough instrument to begin with anyway... no bells and whistles, and I like that because I can add my own bells and whistles in my actual projects. Nothing to do with the sample pack but I just wanted to say that, as someone new to Decent Sampler I find it to be fit for purpose. Normally I would use Kontact, but it appears that Decent Sampler is used a lot at pianobook, so I felt it was essential to sell my soul give my e-mail address to Decent Sampler. apologies for the low-ish star rating... I followed the "what the stars mean" guide and I have tried to rate according to that guide and how this sample pack will work for me personally. cheers, and thank you so much pianobook, the founders and all the content providers, you are awesome andy

  • A little bit quiet

    Yes, I think I will be able to use this sample pack in my ambient creations... a little on the quiet side and I have to boost by 12dB to match the level of my other Decent Sampler libraries... a great concept though :-

    Piano Choir15 October 2021