Osophy’s Reviews

  • Awesome but for a tuning and detuning problem

    EDIT : Nevermind, it's my set-up that somehow roots a pitch bend that triggers at high velocities for no reason
    Your piano is awesome "

    It's super
    finally a free piano that can rival Orchestral Tools Ratio in terms of clarity in the highs

    The patches Evergreen Performance and From The Audience are not in tune with one another which is a shame because they really complement each other
    And the biggest problem is that sometimes it violently detunes down. it seems to be triggered by the release of the sustain pedal i think

    I have no doubts this will be patched and at that point i'll use it pretty much as my base piano

    Evergreen Performance27 January 2022
  • Life saving but for the

    It's exactly what i've been looking for, a cristalline sound with an organic grain, it has a main place in the orchestral EP i'm currently writing. There is just one round robins on higher velocities that goes with a loud "SPOK". It's quite charming to use maybe as a additional articulations or sound FX, but it's a bit aleatoric the way it triggers. PS : Maybe this has been patched, in which case, it's really perfect !

    Tsouras (Bouzouki)26 October 2021