Nolram’s Reviews

  • Inspiring, nostalgic, unique.

    Having owned various old Yamaha keyboards myself, I am a big fan of these types of sounds and how they have been treated here. The sonic landscapes it can provide are beatiful, sometimes a bit nostalgic and sad, but overall more than usable and VERY characteristic.

    Relic Keyboard17 October 2021
  • A love letter to lamps

    The idea of sampling a lamp is already interesting, but the sounds this results in are also incredibly interesting. With a bit of post-processing this can quickly turn into a mellow sea of lampy-metallic sound that I am very much a fan of.

    I Love Lamp17 October 2021
  • Inspiring and characteristic banjo.

    A beautiful banjo sampled nicely. The character here is beautiful - it truly has a very intimate, almost nostalgic vibe that feels rather warm and pleasant. A great effort, I will absolutely be using this next time I need a banjo.

    Phil’s Banjo17 October 2021
  • Amazing synths and wonderful GUI.

    There isn't a whole lot I can say that other reviewers haven't already - but one thing I would like to add is that the GUI is wonderful and very usable, and fits the sounds very well. These are some of my new favourite synth sounds I will absolutely be using in more compositions in the future.

    Awe-Synth17 October 2021
  • A charactertistic harmonium.

    Its well sampled, works well in a lot of contexts and has a distinct coastal sound to it, that is warm and intimate and cold at the same time, leading to an interesting effect in the context of a larger composition. Would recommend, thanks for the amazing effort !

    Harmonium van Dijk17 October 2021