Kobat’s Reviews

  • Gorgeous! Very inspiring composing tool!

    I found "SERENDIPITY" written in large letters on the wall in the breakfast room of a B&B in Cork. The same day we went to a small town at the Irish border, where Dustin O Haloran and Sindri Sin Fang were waiting in the same line with me to have some food. They played an incredible concert the same evening in a very small Irish music club. Now I found it written again, and find one of the most inspiring composing tools for a long time. Thanks!

    Serendipity26 October 2021
  • Beautiful, eerie, lively, blends well with orchestra

    Beautiful sound, great idea. This blends nicely with smooth, orchestral colors and icelandic kind of sounds.

    Balloon Symphony Swells26 October 2021