Balloon Symphony Swells

A simple, organic pad created from a balloon...

The story

I recorded the sound of squeezing air from a balloon, (7 notes of a major scale). Yes, you can use autotune just about anything! I time stretched some of the notes, and also processed with granular fx, filtering, and an Eventide Blackhole Verb. Its basically a simple, organic pad that strangely has a kind of lo-fi symphonic quality . Any orchestras need a 1st chair balloonist?


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  • Cannot be twisted into a party balloon animal but very useful nonetheless

    I find myself reaching for this sound surprisingly often to fill in spots in ambient or cinematic pieces. I love the swells and find that this blends well with other sounds- both synth and organic.

    Just Bob16 October 2021
  • UP and away

    Does wistful, longing pedal notes like a dream. Root note, bit of splosh and you're away

    samdefriend15 October 2021
  • Another awesome pad!

    Amazed with the beautiful texture of the pad. Very slow attacks can be used to create my healing music, thank you :

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • As a Pad part, great part

    Really great for putting together your own pads. This contains a lot of info on the "character" end of the energy spectrum. I find that this is a sample that is asking for some warmth, but there's plenty of that to be found on pianobook.

    ryan weeks13 October 2021
  • Spiritual Balloons

    Atmospheric and musical. It has an almost spiritual quality to it. Very human. Really like it

    Patrick13 October 2021
  • Great Ambient Pad

    Very inventive ambient pad that swells nicely. Volume is set a little bit too high by default, but this can be adjusted. To improve, I would try and add a User Interface to control things like Expression and ADSR to have a greater control over the swell.

    Angus Roberts-Carey11 October 2021