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  • This changed my mind

    Please watch the video. I love the way the samplist explains how much work he put into this and still is giving this away for free. But this is only the first chapter of the pianobook-story. The second chapter is the users having the possibilty to tip the samplists. With such a great instrument it is really an obligation. We can create something new, a new way of appreciating the work and the inspiration those artists - I think this term is more appropriate than the word samplist - give to us.
    Even small amounts can sum up. And it is a great way of saying thank you apart from writing a positive review.
    We share the same passion - music. We are not customers and sellers - we are friends. And every friendship needs respect. The tip, as small as it may be - is a sign of respect.

    The Wildmother’s Dulcimer Vol. II21 March 2022