FAAIFFP’s Reviews

  • Haunting textures

    This instrument truly is amazing when it comes to creating dark, haunting textures for more horror or dissonant segments of music. It works both in the high end and the low end. In my experience it is a sound that, to a certain degree, all other sounds must be built around, which may mean it doesn't fit well into every song. Nevertheless, in the contexts where it works well, it does inspire me to thread onto some newer styles and sounds. Thank you for this, and hope to see more from the creator of this instrument in the future!

    Harmonic Flights15 October 2021
  • Deep lush strings

    Truly a marvel that such quality can be had for free, thank you for this! The standard "strings long" is very good to use in the backgrounds of songs, were they shine being quite lush and quick to change the note when pressed down. The "low drone" and "lower drone", however, is where the real character of this library shines, as they provide very deep and mysterious sounds which can easily fit into any kind of dark ambient track. The only downside I have with this sample instrument is the fact that it seems heavily velocity sensitive, meaning I feel like I have to press down the keys a lot for there to even be any sound. Couple this with the mod wheel controlling the filter cutoff, which also is a little bit weird to me. I would like to have velocity volume mapped to the mod wheel, and no velocity sensitivity for my keys. This way I could easily record more expression into the string segments right away. But thanks anyway for this gift!