Kelmeriā€™s Reviews

  • Perfectly detuned

    I've always loved the sound of slightly out-of-tune piano, so it's probably no surprise I liked this sample pack as well. The quality is great, the piano feels responsive, and I like the tonal possibilites of the four mics. The experimental version is well... experimental, in the best possible way, though I would liked to have seen a filter. Nothing one can't add externally though! Fantastic, suits my tastes very well.

    Upright 4-Mic Experiment13 October 2021
  • Mellow tones

    A simple, but a very intimate instrument. The effects are beautiful, and the tremolo especially makes this sample pack shine. Careful with note velocity though, higher octaves can sound harsh if hit too hard. Overall a very lovely sample pack, I'd recommend trying a spring reverb with it for some extra vintage vibes.

    On the Tele13 October 2021
  • Car sound design

    I love the idea behind this sample pack, and I really like playing around with it. The samples are so unconventional that while it's hard to use them as they are, they make for excellent sound design tools after adding some external effects into the mix. I've made some nice drones and percs so far. My favourite samples in the bunch are the handbreak, and whatever is on F4!

    Peugeot306D-Sw13 October 2021