Dennyiah’s Reviews

  • Oooooh YES! What a bass what a mids and what a highs!

    This is killer! This sound is just stunning. Really love the all the bass notes with small tone and lot of reverb. I would welcome more sound editing options like vibe, tremolo, overdrive etc....also knobs should be more responsive. But overall this is amazing sounding and ispiring instrument.

    Pitched Electric Celeste13 October 2021
  • Ultimate glue for many situations

    What a great-GREAT sounds! A lot of inspirational things inside, once you start to play with "tune" and "reverb" you are really on the mission : Really like and enjoy this library. If there will be more knobs to destroy the original sound i will be even more happy.

    Harmonic Flights13 October 2021
  • Ghost sounds but also very heart touching

    Intimate, ghosty, vibey, there is something special in this library. Lets go and find it! I think interface is really good for quick and great results , not many options but all make sense. Tape loop is the best for me. This sound will definitely end up on my new album :

    Ghost Piano13 October 2021
  • Fantastic library, versatile and smooth

    Another great sounding library and also extremely useful. I really like software interface, its boosting my creativity :

    Cassette Tape Organ13 October 2021
  • Great sound but not really unique

    Its a great sounding library but not unique or unpredictable, so if you seeking for something really good and solid, then its good choice. I would improve the quality of work with knobs.

    EMS VCS413 October 2021