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  • Exactly what I've been trying and failing to achieve!

    This is exactly what I've been missing for years; the evocative, brilliant sound of those high, meditative bell/chime/bowl accents in Lamb's "Soft Mistake"!

    I absolutely love that piece (and the whole "fear of Fours album, for that matter), to the point that I've been trying to recreate its sound world since before I started making music of my own.

    These "bells" contain the sound and the space that is helping me tie it all together, and that is unfortunaly more than I can say for anything inside the 3000€ plus investment I've made into instrument libraries in the last three years, because I've realized that I do not like the attitude or sound aesthetic, or whatever you might call it, of contemporary media composition. That perhaps also explains why other reviewers and perhaps you will not find it very useful. I however hope there's lots more of this to come!