ArgyleGreens’s Reviews

  • One of two of the sounds are good, the rest I would struggle to find a use for

    My favorite sound of the bunch here is the one labeled firelyre. It sounds the best and I use it the most. The other ones I don't see myself using even if they have their charm.

    Kit lyre28 November 2021
  • A fantastic piano.

    If I didn't have any other grand piano sounds or wanted to recommend one to a friend, this would be an easy recommendation. High quality recordings, sounds like an actual instrument thanks to the character of the room, and the binaural effect gives it some interesting character.

    The Experience04 December 2021
  • Not unexpected

    If you want a thin and light guitar sound, this is it. It isn't less and it isn't more.

    Halfsize Nylon Guitar28 November 2021