The story

This was my first guitar that I saved up 20 for by mostly forcing my barista services on my parents. I made 1 for every cup o’ joe I made. Anyway, this instrument brings me back to my youth of playing and exploring music and I hope someone out there can get as much fun out of it as I did back then. I hope you enjoy the sweet, adorable albeit tangy guitar sound!

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  • This captures the beauty of the instrument

    Thanks so much for this awesome library, even super expensive guitar libraries fail to capture the beautity and detail this library has. It's perfect!

    AlonsoUrmeneta02 June 2022
  • Awesome sound!

    This instantly was the exact guitar sound I've been looking for. It's been about a two year search. Very real sounding, but the ADSR gives it away that it's a sample but in the best way possible. Super innocent, comforting, and wonderful. Thanks for making this! Made my day.

    Zach MillerSamplist 15 March 2022
  • nice and clean!

    loved it! light weight, clean, free. THANK YOU! :D

    hein ji09 May 2022
  • good

    first download, pretty good.
    its nice, that such good sounds are for free!

    kantigtmh24 February 2022
  • Nice Guitar Sample Pack

    Really beautiful sounding guitar. Made a GUI and script to control EQ and added a chorus and reverb. This really has potential :-)

    Martinsennels19 February 2022
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