Yamaha S-400B

A Yamaha S-400B from the southern hemisphere sampled with three different mics....

The story


Yamaha S-400B (I thought they made motorcycles..?)

So it was another boiling hot Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. The studio was closed (not to me…), quiet and ready to be used. I jumped in, setup some mics and went to town. She’s bright, if you want it that way, reasonably clean and well presented from 2 vastly different listening positions. Sometimes you just have to try out things that you haven’t before and this was one of those times.

Røde Ribbon mics, capturing the full piano body and miniature omni DPA’s stuck underneath with blu-tak for the why the hell not sound. Check the pictures out for a better description I guess. I also made multiple Impulse Responses which are included here to be used any which way you want, and one should be loaded in the Kontakt instrument by default. These were made through the piano, in the room in a few variations so you can have a strange sustain if you want. Note: If anyone wants my Impulse Response Utility that I made (OS X only sadly) then please just get in touch.

If I did what I think I did right, it should load in Kontakt, with 3 mic knobs:

1. Underneath close mics
2. Ribbon body mics
3. Release Triggers

There’s also a quick EQ panel for fast sculpting and a Reverb amount slider which’ll send through an Impulse that I like. Try them all and see what you like, hopefully something for everyone.



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  • Great for epic low chords

    The piano is very well recorded but, my favorite part of it is the low-end. The high end sounds good but, for my taste, it's a little bit generic. The lows, instead, work perfectly with big lush reverbs and delays, long sustained chords, or octaves. Personally, I like to correct the sound, after the reverb, with a transient designer and then apply some tube or tape saturation.

    Julian Doe12 October 2021