Yamaha PSS-130

This is a sampled version of the Yamaha PSS-130 keyboard. It includes 8 different textures and 8 different rhythm loops.

The story

When I was 8 years old my parents bought me this small keyboard, the YAMAHA PSS-130 PortaSound. I have memories of playing with the keyboard for hours and hours. I loved to play the drum rhythms very slow or very fast and then trying to play melodies on top of them.

When I decided that I wanted to create this instrument I realized that the only output that the keyboard has is a built-in speaker, so I opened the keyboard and solder a 1/4 inch output in order to sample it without any microphone issues.

Now the instrument is polyphonic and has much more controls than before. I am planning to add effects and controls eventually.

I hope you enjoy playing with it and that you may find it useful in your productions.


Reviews for Yamaha PSS-130

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  • This is sooo good!

    A really nicely sampled instrument. Masses of nostalgia! as an edit I would perhaps somehow allow the UI to reset the effects and controls when changing patches, otherwise excellent. Thanks

    Alex Beckhelling05 June 2022
  • Sounds of the 80's and beyond!

    A really interesting pack that brings back my childhood of messing with my first electric piano. Provides a new bout of inspiration and allows people to try weird and quirky sounds in their mix!

    JakeW23 May 2022
  • Brings back memories

    I used to have a PSS390 back in the 90s; and this library brings back memories of that. I love playing this and the various filters are a nice touch. Those drumkits though! That's proper retro goodness.
    I am a little confused about the grid-thing in the middle of the GUI. Is that just for show or does it do something? Certainly didn't do anything for me.
    But that's a minor thing. Thanks for making this library... :)

    Synchrotones21 June 2022
  • Loops are amazing

    I loved the loops in this library. Sound really really beautiful. Going to have great uses for these

    JashandeepReehal23 May 2022
  • An incredible retro-bundle!

    This might be the best retro-synth bundle I've ever played in PB! Not only it includes 8 different instruments, but they all come in one, straightforward patch, with a handy keyswitch section (red), and a fantastic tempo-synced percussion loop (green)!

    In case you are not familiar with the sound, these instruments are the first iterations on synthesized instrument modeling, and this patch has them exactly as I remember them in all of my childhood.

    The 8 insturments are - as seen within: clarinet, oboe, violin, xylophone, piano, banjo, harpsichord and electric guitar. They are sound amazing, though the banjo repeats itself like it does tremolo, and it's not tempo synced.

    These are all bundled in one beautifully designed patch that includes a filter, attack, release, and a fantastic reverb knob that can give some heavy EDM vibes instantly.

    As a small bug, I found that when you press the keyswitches, the GUI indication of the instrument doesn't update, but everything functions properly without problems.

    Alex Raptakis23 May 2022