The story

This wok had cooked its last in the kitchen and was ready for a new life in the studio so I mic’ed it up and hit it with a variety of beaters.

Right hand and Left hand hits were recorded separately at up to 27 velocity layers for truly dynamic performance across 10 separate articulations

The core articulations were played with a Meinl Soft Rubber Tipped Mallet and include the inside center, sides and rim of the Wok plus hand muted versions of the same and also the outside center and sides of the Wok turned upside down. In addition to this, the Wok was also sampled by playing the inside sides with WHD Marimba Mallets and Vic Firth Heritage Brushes.

The Wok was recorded in a Mid/Side mic configuration and mic levels can be mixed to taste in the GUI. While the Center and Brush hits make great small percussion sounds, the sides and rim have long complex decays reminiscent of gongs or pitched down cymbals.

This library of percussion samples can only be loaded into a full retail copy of Kontakt 7.6 and will not work in the free Kontakt Player.

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