The story

Christmas 2020 was a weird time for all.
My wife and I treated ourselves to a fancy bottle of wine and as we had a few drinks I thought the popping cork from the bottle sounded really good, therefore something I wanted to sample.

Did I use my nice fancy rig to record it? No, I used my iPhone (see “a few drinks” reason above)

This instrument is made to be manipulated, EQ, Saturation, Delay, Reverb, you choose. I kept it at a simple sound for you to play with.
I also added a custom reverb slider (THANK YOU DAVE HILOWITZ) with added convolution reverb because more reverb on tap is never a bad thing.

Reviews for Wine Cork Synth Hits

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  • Surprisingly enjoy this.

    Im usually not really a fan of sounds like this but i really enjoy this one. Its pretty mellow and i feel like would sound great in house music or other electronic genres. Im usually more into organic sounding sounds than synthesized sounding sounds but i can see myself using this one. I wish we had control over the kind of slapback delay baked into the sample. I like it playing on its own but it could be an issue depending on the tempo of your track or maybe you want to add your own third party delay. Theres a little bit of a low end air thump you will want to eq out as well. Interesting and good sounding short synth hit here.

    septemberwalk31 October 2021
  • An unexpected sound!

    I really did not see this coming. This kind of sound can be very versatile, from wholesome to "stranger things" creepy. Without having too much knowledge on the subject, I think it has a vintage synth-like sound. Sadly there is no options to be found other than a reverb. The sound itself is an almost sub-heavy noise that ping-pongs towards mostly the right side, and can be very annoying to deal with, therefore I recommend some EQ on it!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021
  • Such a fun sound!

    This is a really fun and usable sound. Sadly, the reverb control in the GUI doesn't work, and even after you disable the reverb within Kontakt, there's still a ton of reverb on the sound. It turns out that the reverb is in the samples themselves. That's really too bad, because the instrument would be so much more usable if it was available as a dry sample. Even so, this is a fun sound, and I found it very inspiring.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • It's a simple and great sounding library, but a little flawed...

    The synth sound itself is great. Nice and warm, though not easily manipulatable. I can personally find plenty of use for it though! The issue with the library is the signal clips when playing anything more than a triad. The samples just need a bit of finessing on whatever you do next. Great job though!

    R.Treves19 October 2021