Wine Cork Synth Hits

A few drinks and a cork to provide you musical inspiration...

The story

Christmas 2020 was a weird time for all.
My wife and I treated ourselves to a fancy bottle of wine and as we had a few drinks I thought the popping cork from the bottle sounded really good, therefore something I wanted to sample.

Did I use my nice fancy rig to record it? No, I used my iPhone (see “a few drinks” reason above)

This instrument is made to be manipulated, EQ, Saturation, Delay, Reverb, you choose. I kept it at a simple sound for you to play with.
I also added a custom reverb slider (THANK YOU DAVE HILOWITZ) with added convolution reverb because more reverb on tap is never a bad thing.


Leave a review to let others know what you thought of the instrument!

  • It's a simple and great sounding library, but a little flawed...

    The synth sound itself is great. Nice and warm, though not easily manipulatable. I can personally find plenty of use for it though! The issue with the library is the signal clips when playing anything more than a triad. The samples just need a bit of finessing on whatever you do next. Great job though!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • An unexpected sound!

    I really did not see this coming. This kind of sound can be very versatile, from wholesome to "stranger things" creepy. Without having too much knowledge on the subject, I think it has a vintage synth-like sound. Sadly there is no options to be found other than a reverb. The sound itself is an almost sub-heavy noise that ping-pongs towards mostly the right side, and can be very annoying to deal with, therefore I recommend some EQ on it!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021