The story

One night as I was slowly falling asleep, I thought about some wise words from Christian Henson himself:
“The best pads come from organic sources”
Which led me to wonder: “Is there anything like that on my hard drive I could make something interesting out of?”
And there was indeed such a thing… The next day I opened up the mixing project of a collaboration I did with a violinist.
I took the recordings she sent me and started to do some magic with them. A few hours later the Windy Pad was born, and here
is the result of my experiments. I am actually quite amazed by the kind of results one can get out of almost nothing, only
one sample! I hope you’ll find this little pad as inspiring as I did and I wish you the best in your musical journey!

Reviews for Windy Pad

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  • Breathy violins!

    I've long been a fan of pads which sound organic and almost choral. This one ticks all of the boxes for me. It's well recorded, well programmed, and is very playable. There aren't a lot of controls in the player, but it doesn't really matter so much with this sound. The only thing I was left wishing for was a filter to smooth out the high end a little bit. Other than that, I found this sound really fun and inspiring!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Great sound but too similar for me

    When i say this sound is too similar for me i basically mean that when a sound is too similar to a sound that its imitating id rather just use that sound. What i mean by this is that in any instance where i would want to use this pad, it sounds so similar to a string section i would rather just use a string section. Its still a great and organic sound on its own, but ive always felt this way about pads and synths that closely resemble organic instruments. This is just me though I'm sure others will really like this. It could be useful to blend with a string section for a hybrid score sound or just to make them a little more larger than life and silky. It could be a subtle hybrid touch like how we put a sine sub bass under a string section

    septemberwalk10 November 2021
  • Intimate sound, nice lows, harsh highs

    This pad instrument features a very textured, string-like sound, and it sounds really lovely. It can be very deep and subby on the low register, and it can also be very harsh and screamy in the high. Be careful though, it can get REALLY loud, so I'd recommend you reduce the default volume at least -15db. I'd also recommend to set the panning at 20-24% on the Right, because it mostly favors the left channel. It's also nice to see controls for the attack and release!

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Nice pad...

    There's not much to control with this instrument, but it has a pretty good sound out of the box. I'd recommend staying away from the high end since those sounds are pretty piercing, but the lower and middle registers generate a very smooth and flowing synthesizer sound that would work well in almost any mix. Good work!

    Christopher28 October 2021