The story

After watching some seasons of the “Ozark” series, I was so inspired by it’s soundtrack that I’ve decided to sample something close to it.
And at the same time I always struggle to find some good sounding percussion for my projects!

So I’ve set my backpack ready and took a step into the wild…

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  • Wonderful

    This is amazingly well done. A work full of sensitivity and a love for nature too.

    Thanks a lot, Vasily!!

    josu23 August 2022
  • Fantastic

    Great job here. I love it. Really sounds like the forest.

    Erik Leonard26 November 2022
  • Cool percussion

    Although the contents of the pack are not large, the quality of the recorded sounds is quite good. When you turn up the reverb and room almost to the maximum, you get a sound with an impressive natural force.

    I like the simplicity of the interface; the image conveys well the type of content of the pack. The amount of controls is adequate and allows to achieve amazing variations.

    In short, it's a small but huge pack.

    GuilleDSamplist 26 September 2022
  • A different percussive set

    If you are looking for nicely sampled percussive sounds that sound different and fresh, this might be a good choice for you. All the sounds are responsive and they play very nicely overall. They sound great, and they come with a few round robins, though it is not very easily noticable. The "lows" that feature a kick-like sound have a good bass response, and they have a cajon-like attack, as if you were hitting them with a brush, which makes the overall sound very unique. The most interesting ones though are the stone hits, which is something that you don't really find everywhere else.

    Alex Raptakis23 August 2022
  • Great concept, but wanting more...

    What you get:
    - 3 'low kicks', 2 'kicks',
    - 1 'handclap', 1 'stones',
    - 1 'slides', 3 'moss'
    - some of the sounds have multiple vel levels, and some have multiple RR. 23 samples total)

    What I liked:
    - this is a great idea/experiment for a found-sound percussion library.
    - samples were well-recorded.
    - different, and fun!

    Room for improvement:
    - a few of the round-robin waves looked/sounded exactly alike, except for maybe start time. were they all really unique round-robins?
    - would love a wider range of sounds. we got kicks/claps, but emulating more of the typical drum/perc sounds (snare/toms/shaker/hats) would be great.
    - in the GUI, maybe label reverb 'amt' and room 'size' more clearly and consistently.

    All in all, a good effort. Thanks for working on this, and providing it to the community.

    LoFoMusic04 August 2022