Whack Attack

A Boomwhacker hit with a spoon!...

The story

The idea for Whack Attack was developed after I recently discovered the wonderfully unique tuned percussion instrument, the Boomwhacker.

Having recorded a whole host of samples using the Boomwhacker C Major Diatonic Scale set, with various beaters including drum sticks, hands, pieces of wood and various metal objects (to hear how the transients changed), I would never have thought that the chosen sample would be C2 Spoon #take_11!

C2 Spoon #take_11 has since been renamed and pitched across the keyboard, and Whack Attack was born.

Signal Chain:

Boomwhacker > Spoon > Sontronics Sigma 2 > UA Apollo > Logic Pro

With control over reverb, delay and attack, Whack Attack can go from sounding incredibly percussive to having an airy, almost wind instrument feel to it when adjusting the sample attack.

Available as a Kontakt instrument (version 6.3.1) but you can easily drag the audio file into the sampler of your choice.

It will be great to hear how you can make use of it!


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    This is VEEERY similar to what you will hear in the drop of the well known song "Animals" by Martin Garrix. It's very well sampled and it has a lot of uses. The UI is great but GOD I hate the horizontal knob controls. VERTICAL ALL THE WAY!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021