The story

I found this piano bass keytar on eBay a couple years back—called the Weltmeister Basset.
I’d read about it but had never seen or heard one in person.
I love the turn it up to 11 button for the left hand, its angular shape and overall subby-ness.
I’m a long time consumer of all things Spitfire and pianobook and hoping to give something back.
Apologies for the rudimentary Kontakt program.

I’ve also included a set of release triggers NR files.

I’ve recorded a demo using the Weltmeister bass as well as two of my favourite pianobook instruments— the MVP piano and dictaphone synth.

Reviews for Weltmeister basset

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  • Unique voice, needs some additional processing

    This is such a unique sample library. It's well recorded and the programming is good. While there's a good argument to be made for keeping imperfections in samples that bring realism and individuality, there are some quirks which IMHO tend to detract from sample libraries. Intonation being chief among them. The sample on A1 is super super flat 42 cents. It would have been easy to delete that zone and stretch the zone above it down over that note since every key was sampled. The other issue that springs to mind is the way the harmonics pile up in these sounds. Tuning up the samples in melodyne would be great. To retain authenticity, both the tuned and untuned samples could be presented for those who are purists.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 24 October 2021
  • Organic but not for me

    This instrument definitely is very organic sounding and has alot of imperfection and character. Some might really like this but for me personally, apart from the intonation issues mentioned by sam, i just dont like the sound of it very much. I prefer the higher notes as they kind of have a cool synth pluck quality to them but the lower notes sound too resonant and honky to me. This is definitely a unique instrument but i cant see myself ever using this one. Interesting sound though.

    septemberwalk06 November 2021
  • Interesting and unique sound unable to shine

    This is a bass sound that I am not really familiar with, but I find very interesting. Unfortunately the default settings along with the lack of options don't let it expose its true potential.

    The sampling is good, the bass is thicc, but the tuning is not that great, although that might add some spice to the character, so I am not sure if that's intended. I'd also recommend a different envelope shape, mainly with a better release, because right now, the note gets completely muted which can sound very artificial at times.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021