The story

I’m usually more familiar with being filled with H2O but I’m always up for experimentation. A solid donk on the side seemed to make me want to sing a little, so I did just that.

And whilst at first this instrument might seem simple, there’s some flexibility and interesting textures to be found.

Stay hydrated, look after our water ways, fill up your own reusable bottle, turn off your computer and go outside for a hike. Oh, and don’t forget to take a little portable recorder with you. You never really know what you might find.

Glug, glug, slurp!

Reviews for Water Bash

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  • The Magic is in the Effects

    This library has more to it than you might first think. In addition to the obviously well sampled water bottle, this instrument offers up a delay and reverb with lots of controls in the GUI, all of this invite experimentation. The delay has a feedback control which can give you nearly infinite hold. Along with the creative delay, you get reverb, tape saturation, and EQ controls. While I'm not usually a fan of effects within guis, I like these. There are some really neat creative possibilities with the delay.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Uniquely captured sound of water bottle!

    Interesting! Well captured bottle sound. Especially lower register has a deep pumping pad sound. I think it has a lot of interesting usage to the projects.

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Sounds kinda like a hang drum!

    Even though it's supposed to be a water bottle, it really sounds a hang drum! It also kind of dynamic as well. The range is set for the entire keyboard, although I prefer to stick to a more smaller one around the middle, because the samples get way too distorted as you go too high or too low. There are some clickly noises at the end of each sample that may be annoying in some cases.

    Also personally I am not a fan of the GUI aesthetics, but it doesn't affect the actual instrument at all.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Nice for strummed chords

    This is similar to alot of metallic bell and found sound type bell instruments on pianobook. The decay is very short so if you find that some of these instruments can ring out too long this one might be perfect for you. It also has a really cool mid rangey kind of sweeping sound when strumming chords. Hard to explain but it almost sounds like the noise that would be made if this was an actual instrument being played like a keyboard. For me personally there are a few similar instruments on pianobook that i find to be more interesting and colorful but this is still a really good instrument you should try out.

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • Typical Bell-esque sounds

    Great tuned percussion sound. Has a bell-like quality. Nothing too special, but could really jump out at you with some great FX. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021