The story

One afternoon as I was enjoying a show with my heater gently warming my feet, I noticed that it had a harmonic quality in it and so I took my phone and recorded its gentle hum from close to a meter away from it. I then added reverb and delay to the sample after tuning it then later designed it to what was the final version of various mixes of the sample.


Reviews for Voices from the Wind

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  • Sample of DUNE

    The sample gives me the sound of DUNE, and I used this sample to make a fan-made soundtrack of DUNE. Well done sound design sample and I really hope can hear more sound design samples from you.

    Jayson Ng23 May 2022
  • A super airy pad!

    This is a very simple instrument but with a very interesting sound to offer. It's a very, very airy and noisy sound that you could argue it's both a drone and a pad together. The sound slightly evolves too, and the playable range is 4 octaves long, though I would prefer it if it was shifted one octave up by default.

    Speaking of octaves, by default it's set at -12semitones, and I am not sure why, because it sounds great at 0 too! Sadly the samples don't loop, though the airy texture stays in as the pitch fades away. The higher the pitch, the faster this happens.

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • A beautifully windy pad

    This windy sound pad has lots of character, and the fact that it kind of evolves as you hold it makes it great for scene setting. If you hold long enough, it devolves into which noise, which makes me think that it probably would benefit from some noise reduction. As Alex mentioned, the whole sound is situated an octave lower than you might expect on the keyboard.

    Despite these minor imperfections, I found this to be a really usable and playable sound, and one I'll probably use in a cue later today!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 May 2022