University Piano

An upright piano from University Of Music in Örebro, Sweden...

The story

This is my first attempt of sampling a piano. I wanted to make a vintage feeling piano with a lot of character and warmth. In “Studio 1” of University Of Music in Örebro, Sweden, we have a very nice sounding upright piano. many songs hav been recorded on this piano, and I like it very much. I recorded this piano with two ribbon mics, Royer Labs R-121. I chose these mics because of their warmth and their “noisy” vibe.
This instrument works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6.


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  • A lovely first sample instrument

    This instrument doesn't have much else going on with it, it's very much just a piano, and I like that. It sounds like there is only 1 layer of dynamics that makes up the instrument, so if you're aiming to have a very straight middle of the road sound, this is a good way to go. I'd use this in place of a traditional midi piano sound, but this isn't really meant for sounding like a live recording, which given its a first attempt, makes sense. It is definitely going in the right direction, and I'd be curious to hear this resampled in a couple years once you have gotten more experience sampling under your belt.

    Murph Elyria12 October 2021