The story

I sampled this Music Box many years ago. It’s a bit lo-fi but I still quite love it and wanted to share it with this community.

This was not originally a sample instrument. It was merely the WAV files of each separate note of the approximately 2 octave range of the music box, which are still available to download. However, some very gracious members of the community have made it available as a Kontakt instrument as well as a Decent Sampler instrument.

Feel free to make your own sample instruments with these samples if you wish. When processed and manipulated I believe the possibilities of these samples could lend themselves to some very beautiful creations.

Reviews for Tura Lura Lura Music Box

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  • Always found this one really interesting

    Ive always found this one really interesting and i bet you can guess why. The tone is nice and bright without being too harsh and resonant. Its also somehow mellow at the same time. But the real magic is those mechanical noises. Theyre super unique. Ive tried a bunch of similar instruments on pianobook. They all have characterful mechanical noise and squeaks but nothing quite like this one. It kind of fills in the gaps between the notes in a really interesting and almost percussive way. I really like this one and always end up coming back to it.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • Prefect!!!

    It's Perfect, The best music box library I've ever used!!!

    Adam19 April 2024
  • Inspiring and really real music box

    This library was one of the first I downloaded from the PB site. It instantly found its way into a tune I was working on. It has some quirks, and it has some weird noises in it, but it's all part of the charm. I love this sound so much that I had to seek this library out to write a positive review. It's definitely a great and usable sound!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 15 October 2021
  • As real as it can get!

    This is a perfect example on how to create a proper music box with the mechanical characteristics that give it life and make it stand out. A lovely instrument with character that you won't regret testing out! With that said, there is always room for improval. There is some minimal white noise well hidden in the samples, but not even close to become noticeable in a mix. It also comes as a very barebones patch, which means if you want to tweak it in any way, it is up to you and what other tools you have in your arsenal.

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021
  • Shame about the weird noise at the end

    Wow the GUI is special! I like the sound but it's kind of unusable as a normal music box due to a weird artifact at the end of the sample. A bit of a shame. Could be useful so others I hope.

    Boag110 October 2021