The story

Tuned Thai gongs are expensive, cumbersome instruments which many percussionists/composers in the United States may not have access to. Noticing a lack of high-quality gong sample libraries, I decided to work on creating my own! Me and a friend recorded a 2.5 octave whole tone scale, from the lowest pitch available to us.

Special thanks to Fernando Meza and Mike Duffy of the University of Minnesota for making this possible!


Reviews for Tuned Thai Gongs

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  • Useful gongs!

    Not everyone knows that Thailand makes gongs and that they have a unique sound when compared to your typical gong or Chinese gong. This sample pack captures the sound of the Thai going very well, with different velocities played as well. Overall, a useful set of gongs to have in your arsenal. 3 different mic positions as well, though the "Pan" knob was hard to see in the GUI, I did figure out what it was eventually.

    dekoningtanSamplist 09 January 2023