The story

This instrument was born from the love for Mexican music and the lack of digital instruments to create music of this genre. Starting with the premise of creating three songs and the intention of having the capacity of creating Regional Mexicano songs even when you are away from your house, the instrument was created with recorded trumpet samples, so the joy of Mexican music can reach every corner of the world.


Fernanda Maldonado

Reviews for Trompeta Latina

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  • I love this!

    Thank you, Fernanda, for bringing this much needed instrument to the world of sampling, and my collection! I had been looking for something just like this for a very long time for my mariachi-inspired music, and this is perfect. And it sounds great!

    There is one oddity I've experienced, which is that the "Sustain Short" and "Staccato" dynamics are transposed one full tone down (two semitones) vs the "Sustain Long." It's easy to mend in "post," but it would be great to see an update where this is fixed in the sample pack. Thanks again for this wonderful work!

    Rod01 February 2023
  • Muy útil

    Suenan muy directas, con notas largas y bonito carácter suave.

    He estado buscando trompetas latinas con buena calidad y que tengan sustain largo. Por lo general, las que he encontrado en la web son muy cortas (probablemente resampleadas de un teclado) y están loopeadas muy agresivamente.

    No uso Kontakt pero pude usar los samples en sf2. Gracias!

    emipianomx14 March 2023
  • Gran trompeta

    lo estaba necesitando, me encanta, gracias por el,trabajo!!!!!

    Richard7b28 March 2023
  • gracias

    gracias, felicidades.

    vito15 February 2023