The story

This is very basic and my first attempt at making a Decent Sampler instrument from sampling my Tibetan singing bowls. While not really a musical instrument by conventional standards, it still has some great applications within music or soundscapes with it’s haunting tones and drones. The first DS instrument is me striking the bowl with a mallet which produces that lovely long natural decay (no reverb or treatments). The second DS instrument is me playing the bowl to create a drone. You can hear the wooden mallet scraping and vibrating against the bowl as it makes a circular motion around the rim to create the drone. I feel the mallet noises add a nice natural / organic feel to the sample.


Reviews for Tibetan Singing Bowl

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  • This gets me going again!

    Im quite new to producing and this sounds... i get the chills. Just awesome. Thank you so much for putting this up! You made my day!

    Moohstache07 March 2022
  • Gorgeous

    Deep, rich gorgeous sound. A delight for bell lovers.

    Archi07 April 2023
  • This is a nice singing bowl.

    I like this pack a lot, hence all the rating of good and awesome :)
    This is a really nice and simply lovely sounding instrument if you want that iconic singing bowl sound.

    dekoningtanSamplist 30 January 2022
  • Incredibly resonant!

    I wasn't expecting to listen to something so resonant and musical, but it is just very cool. This bell-like mallet is very resonant, and can be used in both SFX and musical purposes for sure. Along with it comes a textured pad patch which is equally nice, but servers a completely different purpose. I'd prefer the main patch to be shifted one octave lower, but it gets the job done as it is.

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022